New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

While the primary economy of rural areas depend mostly on forestry, farming, and fishing, the urban areas of New Brunswick are consist of modern service-related investment sectors. Metals like lead and zinc are concentrated in the north. Brunswick has the largest deposits of potash around the globe. With the economy continuously booming, the provincial government of New Brunswick may nominate desirable and highly skilled alien workers to meet the labor demands and to facilitate hiring at the earliest possible opportunity.

While you think you can immigrate to canada quicker than you think under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you may find yourself out of luck if you will do everything from planning to processing an application yourself without the help of an immigration lawyer who is much aware of the in-and-out of the immigration system. For decades, VisaPlace Legal have been equipped with advanced skills and learning experience that any other firm won’t find in immigration books. Let our committed team of immigration lawyers help you move to Canada.

The intending immigrants who received nominations from the government of New Brunswick may, together with their respective spouses or common law partners and dependent children, apply for permanent resident visas as Provincial Nominees at a Citizen Immigration Canada (CIC) office. Under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, you may qualify in any one of three streams:

Employer Support

  • Have a permanent full-time job offer from a NB employer who has been unable to fill the position with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; and
  • Offers compensation consistent with regional wages and existing collective bargaining agreements.

Family Support 

  • The applicant must have an offer of full time employment or employment skills based on education and training, language skills, work experience, age and ability to adapt to NB.
  • The supporters will be assessed on his/her commitment to the immigration process and the successful settlement of his/her family member.

Business Applicants

  • submit a Business Plan;
  • demonstrate business management experience as an owner or senior manager;
  • provide strong evidence that you will live in NB;
  • visit NB to conduct extensive research and complete and interview with an Immigration Program Officer;
  • provide a verified personal net worth of at least CDN $300,000.00;
  • make a minimum investment of CDB $125,000.00;
  • demonstrate knowledge of English and/or French; and
  • make a CDN $75,000.00 conditionally refundable deposit.

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