Legal Management

Danielle Grbic

US Immigration Team Leader

Danielle is a well-rounded and dedicated professional working exclusively on US immigration matters with our firm. She has provided immigration solutions to corporations and businesses in various industries within the private and public sector. She has an advanced understanding of the legal matters which encompass non-immigrant filings – temporary travel, NAFTA and cross-border solutions; and immigrant filings (Green Card) – employment and family-based petitions. Danielle is highly knowledgeable in navigating through Consular and USCIS adjudication processes, as well as submitting complex submissions relating to inadmissibility matters.

Danielle has proven her exceptional managerial and leadership skills, and currently works in the capacity of the US Immigration Team Lead at VisaPlace Legal. She is committed to the department’s abilities to provide effective client communications, as well as execute carefully tailored and accurate immigration solutions which meet both corporate or personal needs. Danielle is determined to ensure efficiency in the delivery of services provided in our fast-paced environment.