Going Beyond the Borders

Niren & Associates brings extensive experience in US and Canadian Immigration services.  We have assembled an experienced, multi-talented team who together can ensure all aspects of the immigration process is managed efficiently with positive outcomes.

Our Team principals have over 30 years of combined immigration experience.  The structure of our team will allow us to swiftly and effectively respond to the needs of our corporate clients

Niren & Associates has an open corporate culture that encourages sharing of ideas, transparency, encourages open communication. One telephone number is all you need to reach us, 24 hours a day. Each team has their own dedicated extension and voice mail messages are automatically emailed to each team member.  Being one of the first fully networked practices, we offer our clients the capability of on-line communications via the Internet. All of this ensures prompt, informed responses around the globe and around the clock.

Roles of our Account Specialists

Two main specialists who will manage, implement, maintain and support our corporate accounts are:

Manager and the Project Manager.

1. Quality Assurance Manager

Our Quality Assurance Manager is the main point of contact on work performance matters including but not limited to processing times, outcomes, relationship management, and other quality control concerns. A firm focused on quality control and best business practices is essential in gaining and retaining a competitive edge and reputation with all stakeholders including government officials.

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the quality control functions of the entire corporate accounts.  This includes the adoption of a cost effective quality control system involving internal inspections and audits of files supported by our case management software.

At Niren & Associates we manage files relying on a secure, online interactive file processing based on ZOOM technology. This allows us to process and monitor a large number of files from start to finish. And quality control features are built right in. Our high-tech file processing provides detailed information on the duration of each activity for a case and lays out the sequencing for each matter.  For true transparency our sequencing map for each Visa type can be provided to PwC for their reference and to ensure accountability.

2. Project Manager (Senior Representative)

The Project Manager is authorized to act on behalf of Niren & Associates with respect to its agreed upon obligations and commitments to our corporate clients.

Project Manager will be responsible for all facets of administration and development of the Human Resources functions including the development, maintenance and supervision of file progress.

The Project Manager’s primary role is to ensure that our clients are pleased with the service provided. This is done through dialogue, feedback and support.

Of course it is our mandate to exceed expectations, as our mission is to “Go Beyond the Borders”.